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Bookkeeping simplified

Bookkeeping simplified

Simplified accounting may be carried out in the circumstances specified in the Act. Expert assistance is support both at the stage of deciding on a specific accounting model by the entrepreneur (all legal and accounting consequences of such a decision must be assessed), as well as during its implementation.

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What determines the choice of a simplified accounting model?

The simplified accounting model can be implemented only when the revenue (for the previous financial year) did not exceed EUR 1,200,000. This criterion does not apply to newly established businesses. The services falling within the scope of simplified accounting can be used by civil law partnerships, general partnerships and partnerships as well as natural persons conducting business activity. However, there are areas of activity that exclude the implementation of such a solution. Excellent knowledge of the regulations allows you to answer at the first consultation whether such a solution is possible for your business.

There are numerous benefits associated with the simplified accounting model – first of all, tangible savings. However, the entrepreneur must also be aware of limitations that may be an obstacle for him at a later stage – this is, among others, the inability to make detailed analyzes of the company’s economic situation.

Services provided as part of simplified accounting

We keep accounting in every possible form, including in the form of a revenue and expense ledger, a registered lump sum, as well as a tax card and commercial books. Taking into account the individual needs of our clients, we do not rule out combining this model with other services, including full HR and payroll services.

We offer assistance in the transition from simplified to full accounting (e.g. in situations where the revenue exceeded the amount of EUR 1,200,000, which is the turning point of simplified accounting).

Simplified accounting