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Reports, declarations, payrolls

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Reports, declarations, payrolls

HR and payroll services

The HR and payroll services offered by our office give you the opportunity to focus on the implementation of the assumed strategies, without worrying about the finalization of HR and payroll activities on time and in accordance with the applicable formal requirements.

Implementation of tasks in the field of full HR and payroll services

It is a challenge faced by every company – regardless of the organizational structure on which it is based. The manner in which these activities are carried out very often translates into the overall smoothness of the company’s operation, as well as its dynamic development, based on conscious planning.

Knowledge of current laws, regulations and accounting standards, as well as regularity and care for high quality of service, ensure that our clients can enjoy a high standard of services. As part of HR and payroll services, our office performs a number of basic duties that rest on the shoulders of every entrepreneur.

HR and payroll services
Standard implementation of HR and payroll services

Standard implementation of HR and payroll services

We keep a broadly understood personnel record, including the creation of employee personal files and their updating. We prepare basic HR and payroll documentation:

  • reports Z-03 and Z-06,
  • full payroll,
  • monthly statements of paid salaries,
  • monthly ZUS declarations,
  • monthly income tax declarations and related advance payments,
  • annual financial statements and income statements.

As part of the services we provide, we conduct current HR and payroll matters, including:

  • salary files,
  • personal files of employees employed in the company,
  • supervising the archive of personal files.

Basic documentation

We also prepare basic employee documentation, including a certificate of earnings (at the employee’s request) and ZUS declarations – the service also includes monthly delivery to ZUS of the prepared documentation.

We also offer calculation of remuneration, taking into account all factors affecting the amount of remuneration – registration of L-4, days of unpaid leave, as well as overtime hours or night work.

The above activities are only part of the services provided as part of full HR and payroll services. Its full scope is always agreed individually with the client and is adapted to the current needs of a given company.