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Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

What are cookies?

When you use our website on your end device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), small files (in particular text files) are saved, containing information necessary for the proper use of the website, so-called cookies. cookies.

A cookie usually contains the name of the website from which it comes, the “lifetime” of the cookie (i.e. its lifetime), and a randomly generated unique number used to identify the browser from which the connection to the website is made.
By saving these files on your device, it is possible to remember some settings and collect anonymous statistical data of website visits.

Cookies do not contain data identifying you, on their basis it is impossible to determine anyone’s identity.
These files are not harmful to your device in any way and do not change its settings or the settings of the software installed on it.
The content of these files can only be read by the server that created them.

Do we use third-party cookies?

Yes, by using the Onet Websites you can receive cookies from statistics service providers, e.g. Google.
You can find more information about these cookies on the websites of individual third parties.

How to change cookie handling settings or delete them?

Cookie settings depend on the type of browser. Below are links to help with the settings.
Remember that disabling cookies may limit the functionality of the website, and some activities may become impossible.